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peachypokemon's Journal

Peachy's Plethora of Pokemon
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It all started when my sister got Pokemon Red and a Game Boy Color for her birthday. I, being the jealous type, demanded that my father rush out and buy me one also.

And if you ask my parents to this day they will tell you, dumbest mistake they ever made.

Dreams of seeing Red walking around in that 2D world. Having a Blastoise before I found the way out of Mt. Moon, because I didn't know that you could "run away" from wild pokemon battles. I believed all the "hacks". Showing Bill all the Eeveelutions at the time would get you access to his secret garden where Togepi and "Pikablu" resided. Mew was underneath the truck by the SS Anne. But I was a little cheat with Missingo, I won't lie.

How amazing Johto was to a sixth grader. By this time my parents were grounding me from my Pokemon Adventures because
Pokemon > School, obviously. Day and Night was SO much fun. Even though I couldn't see at all on my Game Boy Advance at Night. ):

Lets just skip right over RSE. So boring. D: (Though Plusle & Poochyena = Love)

Diamond & Pearl restored my hope in Pokemon. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was my ticket to Sinnoh. I was submersed in the information from the Japanese release.

I know my obsession will never fade. I am never afraid to admit it.

I love Pokemon.

This is my life